#1 DO YOUR RESEARCH Review previous winning projects and the companies behind them by taking a look at the Tall Buildings Magazine and the awards website. Try and establish what qualities resonate with the judges – safety, sustainability, technical innovation, design detailing, or aesthetic appeal, for example.

#2 PLAN FOR SUCCESS Assess the online awards portal and get to grips with the process involved. Review the awards categories and select those most relevant to your nomination. Consider engaging with construction partners and reflect if a joint submission would increase the potential of success.

#3 CONSIDER YOUR APPROACH Before starting your submission, allow yourself time to gather all you need. Once categories have been selected, download the submission form, evaluate each question and plan your approach. 

#4 EVIDENCE IS KEY Supporting information in PDF format can be uploaded to the awards portal. Remember to be selective, the judges have a lot of information to review. Compelling evidence and performance data in a succinct and easy to assess format can set your entry apart. 

#6 GET DOWN TO THE DETAIL The preparation work is complete. The information, supporting evidence, illustrations and images are gathered and it is on to the submission. Respond to each element of the question specifically and complete initially in a word document for upload once proofed and finalised. Keep within the character count as the online portal will not accept additional information.

#7 MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS Your project may suit multiple award categories – if entering more than one, make sure to vary your approach for every submission. Judges will be looking for different elements for each, so ensure your answers are engaging, informative and relevant to the category criteria.

#8 REVIEW PROCESS Once your entry is submitted, details cannot be changed. It is therefore advisable to plan a peer review process to ensure all relevant information is included and your entry takes the judges on an informative journey from the initial concept to the final delivery and everything in between.