CONGRATULATIONS to the 2024 Best Tall Building Technology Innovation Award Finalists.

This award recognises innovative construction technologies that have been thoroughly documented and tested for suitability in the design and manufacture of tall buildings. Entries should detail how technologies have enhanced the tall buildings sector, offering a new solution for future high-rise projects.

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Honeywell – Honeywell Self-Test

Honeywell’s award-winning, patented Self-Test technology enables smoke detectors to be tested remotely using an innovative, compact module that fits inside the detector in combination with a cloud-based maintenance App (CLSS). The module generates smoke and heat locally to periodically test the detector’s performance, reducing the labour required to Test and Inspect commercial fire alarm systems.

Murphy Geospatial – Embassy Gardens – The Sky Pool Monitoring

Discover the Sky Pool, London’s latest architectural wonder at Embassy Gardens. A floating pool perched 35 meters above the ground. Behind the scenes, Murphy Geospatial’s cutting-edge technology ensured the pool’s integrity, utilizing advanced sensors for real-time monitoring. A symbol of innovation in high-rise living, the Sky Pool blends luxury with the latest in construction and monitoring technology, marking a new era for urban development.

Pipekit – Right First Time – Pipekit Prefabricated Drainage Stacks

Pipekit has listened and responded, developing a sustainable and cost-efficient drainage solution for the tall buildings sector to meet an urgent need. Produced in a factory environment, under strict quality controls, prefabricated HDPE drainage stacks provide an innovative and efficient proposition for the client and contractor alike. Following investment in a specialist team and offsite manufacturing facilities, Pipekit is transforming the way drainage systems are designed and delivered.

Sapphire Balconies – NE02 (Former Yellow Carpark) Wembley Park

The redevelopment of the former Wembley Stadium Yellow Car Park, currently known as North East Lands Site 02 (NE02) provided an opportunity for collaboration, innovation and sustainable development. Partnering with John Sisk & Son Ltd and Techrete, Sapphire was able to provide a brand-new ‘Clip-On®’ connection that has proven to be a truly sustainable innovation.

Tide & Vision – The Vision Volumetric System

The Vision System is a groundbreaking offsite technology that is leading the way in volumetric high-rise developments across the globe. Vision operates under a vertically integrated procurement model with developer and contractor Tide. Together they have delivered almost £4 billion worth of assets. In 2023, Tide and Vision completed College Road, a development with a 35-storey and a 50-storey building, the first to reach 163m high, making it the tallest in Europe and the second in the world.


2020: Tide Construction, Vision Modular Systems & MJH Structural Engineers for The World’s Tallest Modular Building

2022: PCE for PCE’s hyTower System