Coventry Building Society Arena

Modular Matters provides positive return-on-investment and will be one of the most well-attended events dedicated to the offsite manufacturing and construction industry.

Thank you to our 2024 Modular Matters Exhibitors and Sponsors!

Tenmat – Premium Exhibitor

Tenmat is a leading UK manufacturer of passive fire protection solutions and fire stopping products, with over 100 years of experience. They specialise in providing a wide range of fully tested passive fire protection products, each with performance characteristics suitable for different applications. Tenmat is dedicated to providing technically advanced passive fire protection products with outstanding performance and proven effectiveness.  

Trimble – Premium Exhibitor

Trimble offers the construction industry interconnected solutions that help you build faster, cheaper, greener, and safer. Tekla software is one example of this, delivering truly constructible BIM that empowers you to tackle challenges with reliable, detailed and data-rich structural workflows. Trimble’s Connected Construction workflow helps construct 3D modular units far quicker and easier, with automation tools (and their data) being used from design to manufacture, ultimately resulting in more sustainable outcomes by evaluating carbon, reducing waste, and avoiding rework through better collaboration.

Moore Barlow – Lanyard Sponsor

In the exciting and complex world of MMC, Moore Barlow lead their clients through all the legal intricacies, so they can realise their objectives and grow their ambitions. Working as your lawyer, and as an integrated part of your team, their MMC experts are ready to provide solution focused advice tailored specifically to your needs.’ Whilst they are widely recognised as an experienced land development team, their bapproach is partner led. This ensures that clients have direct and regular contact with their lawyers, who offer many years of experience in dealing exclusively with residential and commercial developments.

TG Escapes – Premium Exhibitor

TG Escapes modular eco-buildings use modern methods of construction, traditional materials and sophisticated technology, to create a standalone net-zero space. The innovative bespoke architect-designed system provides timber frame buildings to suit most locations and uses, in a variety of finishes including timber, composite cladding, render and brick slips. Offsite construction minimises disruption, cost and risk. We offer a complete design and build service. The buildings are aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and highly practical with an A+ energy rating and designed to last 60 years or more with appropriate maintenance. Our buildings follow biophilic design principles maximising natural light and offering easy access to the outdoors. This enhances well-being and educational outcomes.

Benx – Premium Exhibitor

For more than 20 years, Benx has led the way in building façades innovation. We are constantly refining our portfolio of products, systems and services in line with our customers needs. In recent years, this has meant an increased focus on developing façade systems for modern methods of construction, including offsite manufacturing. By offering the complete ‘through wall’ package, we help to reduce the complexity and risk involved in specifying and procuring façade systems.

Rubberseal – Premium Exhibitor

Rubberseal are one of the country`s leading suppliers of non-flame flat roofing and waterproofing systems, supplying products from some of the world’s top manufacturers into the commercial, modular, and merchant markets. In addition to being the main UK importer and distributor for Elevate (Firestone) EPDM, our warm roof systems and FR breather membranes complement our offer to the modular market. With a focus on sustainability, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with first-class service and innovative products.

First Base Ground Screws – Premium Exhibitor

FIRST BASE ground screws have been developed by experienced engineers in close collaboration with steel producers. We produce ground screw foundations, drivers and accessories and supply installation partners all over Europe. Whether you want to build on clay, peat, loam or sandy soil, FIRST BASE guarantees a solid foundation. Involved in the whole process. FIRST BASE has the unique ability to calculate the load bearing capacity of screw piles based on CPT reports. We can offer you a safe and guaranteed solid foundation. Our engineers can provide you with all the technical support, necessary for your foundation.


Legrand – Premium Exhibitor

Legrand has been manufacturing in the UK since 1980 and our six manufacturing sites create mechanical, electrical, electronic and digital solutions that improve lives by transforming the spaces where people live, work and meet. Our Cablofil steel wire cable tray can be pre-installed for modular construction methods. For lighting control, CP Electronics offers a complete pluggable connection solution for your installation, providing quick and easy connection of lighting.


Crown Commercial Service – Premium Exhibitor

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK. We use our commercial expertise to help buyers across the central government and the public and third sectors to buy everything from construction services and laptops to cars and electricity. The collective purchasing power of our customers, plus our procurement expertise, means we help our customers get the best commercial deals in the interests of taxpayers.


Efectis – Premium Exhibitor

With offices located in UK, France, the Netherlands, Türkiye, Spain and Italy, Efectis is a global player in the fire science and specialises in fire safety including testing, engineering, modelling, certification, and inspection. Based on over 70 years of experience, from small to large scale, from materials to construction, Efectis is assessing the fire performance (fire resistance, reaction to fire, extinguishing systems…) of your products, systems and design of entire projects in many areas including dwellings, residential, high-rise buildings, transportation, infrastructure, tunnels, industrial process, nuclear and storage.


Multipanel – Premium Exhibitor

Since 1881, Grant Westfield has been dedicated to manufacturing exceptional interior building products in Edinburgh. Grant Westfield is the home of the UK’s leading bathroom wall panel, Multipanel, offering a modern alternative to tiles. Grant Westfield has recently launched Naturepanel, the contemporary alternative to traditional slat wall. Designed not only to boast an appealing aesthetic but also ensure easy installation and convenient maintenance, Naturepanel & Multipanel pair perfectly together due to our unique Hydrolock. All panels are equipped with a 30-year warranty, are FSC®-certified and 100% recyclable.


Design4Structures – Two-Day Lunch Sponsor

As an award-winning consultancy, Design4Structures delivers a totally unique approach towards engineering for offsite, in order to de-risk project delivery as far as possible, through producing a fully coordinated design solution, earlier in the construction process. Bringing together engineering and construction modelling as one entity, means they have the capability to take projects from RIBA Stages 0-5, providing partners and clients, with a greater level of information and data, to construct and manufacture with confidence.


SIG Building Solutions – Premium Exhibitors

Serving the Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial and Residential sectors, SIG Building Solutions combines the powerhouse capabilities of SIG with a relationship-driven, solutions-focused dynamic. SIG Building Solutions offers a bespoke service, with decades of manufacturing experience and expertise. We offer: Steel components for modular and offsite application, Wide range of secondary steelwork available for floor and roof frames, Composite panels and single skin profiles with a wide range of accessories, High quality and high-volume products and Flexible lead times to suit customer requirements.


UKAA – Premium Exhibitors

The UKAA is the membership organisation for the UK Build to Rent (BTR) and Single-family Rental (SFR) sectors. The organisation’s ambition is to grow the sector, and members’ businesses, faster than would happen otherwise. This will be achieved by sharing information, promoting best practice amongst members, and raising standards to benefit customers. UKAA activities help reduce risks for investors, developers and operators and assist providers of services and products to enter and operate successfully in the BTR and SFR markets.

MPBA – Premium Exhibitors

Founded in 1938, the Modular and Portable Building Association play a key role in connecting all sectors of the modular and portable building industry. Regardless of the size and type of business, by becoming an MPBA member you will join an association with many other professionals which will open the door to various opportunities and add significant value to your company. The Modular and Portable Building Association is the voice of the industry, we are passionate about transforming the construction landscape. As a member we can help you solve business problems, connect you to new customers and suppliers, and make your voice heard.